Flat Twine & Nifty Wrapper
make them easier

As we re-define how we use our spare time – or simply have more spare time
for new activities –



Flat Twine and Nifty Wrapper are simple tools to make all activities easier and more fun.


Empty boxes taking over your house,
office or warehouse?

Break down the boxes and use Flat Twine to compact, bundle, and tie them up for easy disposal or recycling – easy to apply,
easy to carry, holds securely

Using time at home to pack up,
clean up, or renovate?

Use Flat Twine to close boxes (no adhesive residue, so they can be re-opened easily), bundle objects together, or compact items for easy storage.

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For the BIG JOBS

Time on your hands?

Replacing a large item?

Moving or putting things in storage?

Nifty Wrapper:

Wraps items totally to protect them in storage or make them easy to move

Is easy to apply and easy to remove

Has a unique built in handle system allowing for tensioning, tight hold, and elongation

Keeps pieces together for storage or disposal

Flat Twine and Nifty Wrapper offer simple solutions to everyday problems - whether big or small.
Sometimes a problem seems insurmountable or unfixable but there is an easy solution – like all those boxes piling up at home and work or moving something big or unwieldy – we can help.
Nifty Wrapper and Flat Twine are available at leading hardware stores nationwide
– including, Ace, Do It Best, Orgill,and True Value.