Time to start having some fun and push the Winter doldrums away

No matter what the project or activity, have Flat Twine on hand to make it easier and more fun

Spend less time preparing, packing and cleaning up and enjoy:

Moving & storage

Camping & fishing

Arts & crafts

Indoor & outdoor clean up

Flat Twine ties tighter then twine
without a knot

It sticks to itself and not to your stuff

Built in handle on every roll for easy dispensing, tension control, and fast cut off

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Available at leading hardware retailers nationwide.


Things we hate about packaging tape:

Need a dispenser or scissors

Doesn’t stick – let’s go

Flimsy – hard to find the end

Yellows over time

Degrades in heat and cold


NIFTY Hand Tear Tape

SERRATED EDGE – tear by hand – no knife, no scissors, no dispenser

THICK – 3.2 mil as opposed to 1.7 – makes it stronger and easier to find the end

STRONG ADHESIVE – holds tight, doesn’t let go, doesn’t deteriorate

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Winter thaw has begun –
time for clean up

For help with those bigger projects around the house and in the yard, have Nifty Wrapper on hand:

FST51  5” x 1000’ roll

Built-in unique dispensing system on every roll for easy wrapping,
stretch, and tension

Great for bundling, wrapping, compacting
& recycling chores

Have even bigger jobs?

FST72   20” x 1000’ roll

Dual unique dispensing system
on every roll

Easy to use, great hold, provides complete for protection

Wrap up large items for storage or moving – air conditioners, boilers, heat pumps, furniture, appliances

Available at leading
hardware stores nationwide:

Ace Hardware
Do it Best Hardware
True Value Hardware