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Nifty Cello-Type Tape (T601):

Ultra clear for all applications

Score slit for easy tear edges

Strong adhesive performs in hot
or cold temperatures

Will not yellow, discolor or dry out

Resists moisture, aging,
weathering, sunlight

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Pair the tape with this reliable, sturdy, economical dispenser (D5D)

Weighted tabletop dispenser

Durable for both office
and warehouse use

Handles ½” to 1” wide tape

Comes with 1’ and 3” core adaptors

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Priority: Economy
Check out our D799AB

Priority: Safety
Retracted blade
Foam grip
Check out our D4140ABF

Priority: Hard Working
Heavy duty
Steel frame
Reinforced blade
Static system
Check out our D177HD

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Strapping saves you on shipping costs and damages due to unsecured loads.

Strapping kits save on time and energy needed to get the job done.

Big Jobs call for the SEP48HD
Heavy Duty Strapping Kit

Secure skids, boxes, tubing and more in the warehouse or on the job site.

The kit is all-inclusive and contains:

½” x 7200’ heavy duty (500 lb) polypropylene strapping coil, metal seals, a tensioner and a crimper.

Everything comes in a self-dispensing box with directions for use printed on the box.

Small Jobs call for the SPSPKIT
Nifty Poly Strap Pak Kit

Strap packages together for shipping
or storing.

The kit is all inclusive and contains:

½” x 3000’ standard duty polypropylene strapping, metal buckles and a hand pull tensioning tool.

Everything comes in a self-dispensing portable box -- directions are printed on the back of the box.

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NIFTY Strapping Products