Storage & Moving

Replaces tape, twine & string for bundling, wrapping, compacting, and packing

For storage in your attic, basement, workshop, or shed

Make any move go smooth

Protects against dust, insects,
rust and scratches –
no adhesive residue

For more
Flat Twine®

 ST11     2” x 178’

ST21     2” x 650’

Sports & Recreation

Bundle, wrap, & compact sports and camping equipment for easy carrying, transport or storage

Keep all your gear together – easier to carry and keeps everything clean & organized

Skiing, fishing, canoeing, hunting, hiking, and any sport with multiple pieces of equipment

And for bigger jobs,
check out
Nifty® Wrapper:

ST51     5” x 1000’

ST72     20” x 1000’

…and much more

Bundle sticks, newspapers, cardboard and more for easy disposal or recycling – easier and tighter hold than string or twine

Pack & store lawn & garden equipment – hoses, cushions for lawn furniture, patio umbrellas, bird seed, and much more

Great for woodworking & other craft projects – a portable vise that can clamp and hold hard to handle projects
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Flat Twine® makes life simple!  Whether planning a move across the country or across town…preparing your seasonal decorations or furniture for storage…packing up for a camping trip or sporting event…cleaning up your yard…or just wrapping up the newspapers for recycling…Flat Twine® does the job.

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